Rahat Dana

CEO and Founder, of BTJ L.L.C

About Us

Bridge 2 Justice L.L.C is referral and coaching service to families and individuals.It is designed to assist victims of violence and abuse. Through referral and Life Coaching we help families and individuals get the right help they are needing for legal services.Divorce is a pandemic all around us and many families and children suffer from it. Bridge 2 Justice provides life coaching for understanding of current events and prevention for future.

Dana is an expert Life Coach and has been changing lives for many years. She has been helping victims of abuse, Violence and trauma. Divorce can be life changing events and may leave emotional scars but life coaching can help understand the events.

“I am stronger than yesterday, Change is possible”

Why Choose Us

Here are a few reasons to choose Bridge2 Justice

Design for Families and Individual

Life coaching, Referral,and assistance with retainer cost

Rahat Dana


Connect with experienced Attorneys and life coaches

Rahat Dana

Comprehensive Support

We are available during weekdays to offer services. Please be sure to leave a message so we can follow up with you.

Rahat Dana


Bridge to Justice L.L.C is the voice of every individual who feels unjustified.

Receive Life Coaching

Get Assistance with free consultation with Attorney’s

Rahat Dana

Vast Portfolio

We handle a wide variety of legal situations

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Services We Provide

Creative Solutions for Legal Problems

Rahat Dana

Family Law

According to recent reports, nearly half of all marriages in the USA require legal assistance.

Rahat Dana

Legal Referrals

Dana provides valuable life Coaching and assistance with legal referral to the very best attorney for your legal needs.

Rahat Dana

Life Coaching

Having second thoughts about everything and being unsure of what path to take is completely normal.

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